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Our Guiding Principles

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December to August



This program helped my son develop not just a confidence on the bike, but also in himself. He gained lifelong friends, skills, and truly came to understand the impact and influence his is to others. I am grateful for the team's focus beyond simply training fast riders!

- Parent of ImpactDevo Rider


Our coaches produce well rounded fitness by focusing on all aspects of our athletes fitness. Throughout the winter we build a strong base for our riders with core and strength, combined with speed and agility training to ensure our athletes have a strong foundation for a long season in the saddle. Once this base is formed the coaches focus on building the essential cycling fitness and skills of our athletes, then begin ramping training into higher intensity zones to build power and speed. 


We believe in developing the whole athlete. As such, our riders are required to volunteer time during each spring and summer mentoring students from a Title 1/inner city school, as well as maintaining local trails.


Our focus on volunteer work gives the riders the opportunity to positively impact the life of students who benefit from positive role models, and allows them to keep trails maintained and and viable for all users. Each of these activities helps to develop the rider’s character and sense of community.